About HIT Virtual Assistants

I help manage my clients' businesses using practical, proven systems that allow entrepreneurs to accomplish their business goals. Passionate about helping motivated entrepreneurs, I will handle the tasks that aren't your sweet spot so you can manifest your brilliance to the world.

My ideal client is a creative and passionate entrepreneur who needs an organized, experienced and adaptable, virtual assistant.  Entrepreneurs and small business owners who are seeking to delegate tasks so they can better utilize their talents are the best ‘fit’ to work with HIT Virtual. Our gift is to manage your administrative, marketing and technical tasks.

HIT Virtual Assistants


About Karen:

Karen Repoli

I am Karen Repoli CEO of Hit Virtual Assistants. I started my company in 2007 while raising my two children. Today, ten years later, the company is wildly successful, if I do say so myself. I   have realized my dream of owning a successful business and having the freedom to live the lifestyle I desire. How does that look? I work hard and play hard!

I hold a Bachelor of Science Degree (don’t ask in what LOL) and I became VACertified shortly after I started my business. Because I love writing, I am an avid blogger and regularly publish special reports and e-books.

Wondering where the play hard comes in? Along with my husband, Michael Repoli, I have sky dived, flew a WW2 fighter plane, and taken a few laps around the race track in an Indy car among other high adrenaline fun.  We live in Irmo, SC and enjoy boating, going to car shows and relaxing on our deck.