How do I know when I need a Virtual Assistant?

time to hire a virtual assistant

Entrepreneurs often ask me WHEN they need to hire a virtual assistant. They often know they need help in order to grow their business and meet their goals. And they have done some homework to learn what a VA could do for them and where to find one. This is where they hesitate. I created this…

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7 Tips for Increasing Your Newsletter Subscriptions

HIT VIrtual newsletter

Entrepreneurs are turning back to email marketing to combat the downfall of organic reach on social networks. It never actually disappeared, as savvy business owners still used it with great success, but it hasn’t been center stage since social media came through the door. Marketers have dusted off the adage, “the money is in the…

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How to Survive the Demise of Organic Reach

organic reach

Have you noticed your organic reach on Facebook is steadily dropping off? Many solopreneurs with small budgets depend on social media to establish their credibility and reach new customers. However, with new algorithms and numerous other changes, social networks are becoming pay-to-play. If you don’t have the budget to pay, you need to look elsewhere.…

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