3 Ways to Drastically Increase Your Email Open Rates

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It’s one metric we consistently watch and try to improve: email open rates. There’s a good reason for it, too. If your subscribers aren’t opening your email, then they can’t read about: Your newest services and products Your latest must-have discovery That epic blog post you just wrote The trouble is, you only have about two seconds to entice a reader to open your email among the crowd in their inbox. Even worse, you have to do it in ten words or less. Yikes! That’s a pretty tall order, even for seasoned copywriters. But there are some tricks you can […]

10 techniques to increase website traffic

Top 10 Time-tested, Battle-Hardened Website Traffic Techniques – An Update

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I originally posted these tips in 2013 and when I reviewed them now, in 2018, realized they have stood the test of time. So I wanted to post them again with a few updates. If you’re still on the fence about blogging, let me share this statistic: Featuring a blog as a key part of your website will give you a 434% better chance of being ranked highly on search engines. (Source: Tech Client) Convinced? So, if you want to increase your traffic to your website, incorporate these techniques into your schedule. Blog Regularly – It’s a fact, the more often you blog, […]

how to be more shareable

How to Be More “Shareable”

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Ever wonder what makes some Facebook posts, videos, or blogs “go viral,” while yours are lucky to have 7 shares and two comments? While it might seem like some well-kept secret, the truth is it’s easy enough to create shareable content, if you put some thought and creativity into your efforts. Everyone Loves and Shares Infographics Infographics are liked and shared on social media 3x more than other any other type of content. (NN Group) Whether you want to know more about how to publish a newsletter, or you’re looking for ways to boost your blog traffic, you’ll find a […]

4 ways to get more traffic

4 Ways to Get More Traffic by Borrowing Someone Else’s Audience

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What is your biggest struggle in your online business? This question may bring a variety of responses, however, nearly anyone who runs an online business would say “getting more traffic to my site” is in their top five. You need traffic to build an email list. You need traffic to make sales. You need traffic to fill your programs. So the big question is, where do you get all that traffic? Of course, you could buy ads, but if you aren’t careful and really know what you’re doing, you might just fill your list with people who are not your […]

landing page conversion

Improve Your Conversion Rates with Three Simple Changes to your Landing Page

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In a 2015 study conducted by Microsoft, it was revealed that we now have an attention span of eight seconds–making our attention span shorter than that of a goldfish (at nine seconds). Your readers have short attention spans. I’m sure that’s no big surprise to you. In fact, you probably browse the Internet at light speed, too, scanning titles and subheadings, skipping to the bottom of sales pages, and fast-forwarding through videos just so you can get to the next thing. I know I do. The same is true for your readers, and if you want to capture their attention long […]


How to Choose a Mailing List Provider & What to Avoid

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A few weeks ago I published a post titled, Mailing List Management: Starting at the Beginning, which explained that choosing an email marketing service should not be your first step in setting up your list.  A reader messaged me this week and said she had done her background work according to that post and now she was ready to choose her mailing list provider. So this weeks’ post will help you make that important decision for your business. Avoid Low-cost Mentality Aside from time and location freedom, the biggest benefit to starting an online business is the lack of start-up […]