Success Stories

I have worked with a number of entrepreneurs and small business owners. They have ranged from newbies to veterans and I have enjoyed helping each one achieve their business goals and watch their business soar. Here are what a few of them say about working with me.

HIT Virtual Assistants success

HIT Virtual Success Stories

Jen Kem, Strategic Brand Advisor

Thank you for being a valuable resource on my marketing team - you made my life easier so I could focus on the highest-revenue generating tasks only I could do...which translates to more revenue for my company.  I very much appreciate how you were attentive to my needs and for your professionalism and follow-through.

HIT Virtual Assistants TestimonialMichael Phillips, Insurance Manager

Karen Repoli handles all my personal and professional bookkeeping needs. As a busy insurance representative, I never have to worry about the details because I know Karen has it covered. When we first started working together, she discovered an error that resulted in my receiving a $10,000 refund. These charges would have continued if she had not found the charges, brought to my attention and took the steps to obtain my refund. She is invaluable!

HIT Virtual Assistants

Pete Walsh, Business Coach, Family Business Performance Center

I’ve had the pleasure of working with many virtual and non-virtual assistants during my 30-year career.  Karen is one of the strongest professionals I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. She’s the type of person every driven professional wants on their team — a teammate who is focused, works hard and inspires you to take your game to the next level every day. Thanks Karen! 

HIT Virtual AssistantsJeanette Chasworth, Interior Designer, Chasworth Place

I love working with Karen. She is an overachiever and is always looking out for my best interests. Sharing new things that can help my business and makes sure that my projects get the attention they need. She is very knowledgeable and is constantly learning more ways that she can streamline your business. I would highly recommend her to anyone in need of a virtual assistant.

HIT Virtual Assistants

Yolanda Comparan, Adoption Success Coach

I’ve been working with Karen as my VA for the past four years and she has taught me so much! What is probably more important is even though I understand much more now when it comes to the work she does for me (building my blogs/keeping them up to date, taking care of my newsletter, managing my lists, setting up and managing products and free gifts), I don’t have to do the work because Karen does it. Karen is patient and a great communicator—what I need the most when it comes to tech stuff.

HIT Virtual Success Stories

Rachel Parker, CEO, Resonance Content Marketing

Karen’s been amazing! She manages my email, publishes and promotes my blog posts, manages social media for my clients, and even researchers and follows up on speaking opportunities for me. She is able to take care of pretty much my every need. Highly recommended!

HIT Virtual Assistants TestimonialRoz Brooks, Health Coach

Before working with Karen I was truly stuck in the direction I needed to take for my new startup company. I was stuck with the direction that my website should go, how to build my list, and how to maximize my social media efforts. Well, Karen came in and gave me some much-needed breathing space to begin to settle down and truly focus on the direction ahead. She took on communicating with the webmaster to make the needed changes, she created sales content and a sales page, designed my shopping cart and assisted with creating a social media campaign. I now have the confidence to continue on with my business learning and growing one day at a time! Thanks, Karen!



HIT Virtual AssistantsSekou Andrews, Poetic Voice Speaker

When I reached out to my business coaches and community seeking a project manager for the launch of my Stage Might speaker training program, one name consistently came back highly recommended – Karen Repoli of Hit Virtual.

Karen has been an invaluable asset to my team for this launch. Because she has done it all before, she was very knowledgeable about platforms, marketing, social media, and processes. She is very organized, was on top of my launch from top to bottom, kept me on schedule (or at least tried her best to … bless her heart … I aint easy), and often remembered tasks that I had forgotten. Karen also gives great customer service. She responded to all customer inquiries or concerns with helpful suggestions and a professional tone. So I felt confident that she had my back and I could focus on content.

Best of all, she has truly been a joy to work with. She is pleasant, personable and just nice – a quality I value heavily that has been too dismissed in business. I like working with people that I like, and I like Karen. I’m sure that you will too!